Our Process

Production Design Strategy

Rushing into production (or estimating how much a production costs) in advance of creative development is like asking, "How long is a piece of string?" There is no answer to that question because there are too many hidden or undefined variables. Similarly, without a development process designed to explore the most visually engaging and compelling way to tell your story, all that any video production company can offer is a pile of expensive gear and the illumination of random pixels.

We begin our development partnership by focusing on your audience, the context, the tone, and most crucially, the story you need to tell.

Storytelling & Collaboration

Flying Moose Pictures is both a collaborative team specializing in corporate storytelling and a full-service video production company.

Working with us means engaging in our creative development process designed to bring your story to the screen. It means collaborating with us so that we understand the story you want to tell as well as you do.