Live Multi-Camera Edit to Capture Stoop Stories for Aurora Theatre Company

Aurora Theatre Company inspires new audiences and longtime theatre lovers alike with the visceral power of live theatre. Aurora Theatre Company collaborated with Flying Moose Pictures to shoot and deliver a 3-camera documentation of Stoop Stories in only two days. We rehearsed extensively with director Elizabeth Carter to perform a live edit of the show. […]


New Logic Research: VSEP Training Videos

New Logic’s high-performance vibratory membrane separation systems are used for a variety of applications: filtering pure water, treating wastewater, and clarifying chemical processes (such as dehydrating paint).  There are also powerful environmental clean-up applications. By using a bio-methanation process that includes the VSEP separation process, for example, a hog farmer can harvest and sell electrical […]


Astronomical Society of the Pacific: Sharing the Universe

The Astronomical Society of the Pacific needed a set of five training videos to motivate and guide the Night Sky Network presenters who volunteer to educate Americans about astronomy. The presenters are astronomers and scientists, not professional speakers, who faced many challenges when addressing the public, including: How to get started with outreach How to […]


Bandaloop / Harboring

Each year, over fifty performing arts groups compete for the opportunity to pitch their work at the Association of Performing Arts Presenters conference in New York City, the world’s largest networking forum, and marketplace for performing arts professionals. Flying Moose was asked to design and produce a short demo video to win BANDALOOP one of only […]


A Training Video That Saves Lives

About a year ago, Flying Moose Pictures completed a set of counselor training videos for The Bridge – realistic simulations of calls received at the center that can be used to educate student and staff counselors. Flying Moose recently checked in with our lead client, Dr. Alejandro M. Martinez, Ph.D., the senior associate director for […]


Lunch and Trophies

It may not be a “free lunch,” but Flying Moose client American Conservatory Theater’s (A.C.T.) first annual MFA Awards Luncheon on January 24, 2012, promises to be entertaining. A.C.T. is a nationally known organization that boasts a permanent repertory company of actors and the only MFA program in acting not affiliated with a university. Their […]


Hopeful Thespians Captured on Video

Two-hundred, two-minute auditions in two days Velina Brown, Master of Ceremonies for Theatre Bay Area‘s General Auditions, jumped on stage to revive an exhausted audience with a joke: “How many actors does it take to change a lightbulb? One: the actor holds the light bulb, and the world revolves around him.” After nearly two full […]


Moose Turns 5,000 REALTORS® Green

New Software Digitizes the San Francisco Market When the California Association of REALTORS® decided they would no longer distribute the complex forms that local agents need to complete real estate transactions, the San Francisco Association of REALTORS® (SFAR) decided to act on their own. SFAR contracted with Instanet Solutions, a leading provider of real estate […]


Even Astronomers Don’t Read

When the Astronomical Society of the Pacific needed to train hundreds of amateur astronomers to teach the public about the night sky, they soon realized that asking them to read a thick paper instruction manual was not working—the complex, sleep-inducing printed materials were ignored. Flying Moose was asked to produce instructional videos that were more […]


Lights! Camera! Author!

Getting a book published has never been easy, and lately, publishers have all but abandoned promotional efforts except for their most commercial authors. This means less established writers must descend from their lonely garrets to learn marketing skills and promote their work themselves. Flying Moose assisted two such scribes by producing videos to tell both […]