What Does a Video Cost (and Why)?

The very first question many of our clients ask is, “What do your services cost?” Some ask for a rate card, anà la carte list of costs for each of our services. Invariably, we respond by asking them to approach the problem of designing a video from a different direction by first focusing on design needs and not on cost.


Tools of the Trade: Script Development at Flying Moose Pictures

At Flying Moose, we develop marketing and sales videos, training films and documentaries, humorous short films, music videos, and media for integration into live performance. Each type of production demands a different level of script development and a different set of script development tools. And every client brings a new level of experience and understanding of what they want to communicate and how. To serve all these possibilities, The Moose has an wide variety of techniques that to choose from:.


New Logic Research: VSEP Training Videos

New Logic’s high-performance vibratory membrane separation systems are used for a variety of applications: filtering pure water, treating wastewater, and clarifying chemical processes (such as dehydrating paint).  There are also powerful environmental clean-up applications. By using a bio-methanation process that […]


Bandaloop / Harboring

Each year, over fifty performing arts groups compete for the opportunity to pitch their work at the Association of Performing Arts Presenters conference in New York City, the world’s largest networking forum, and marketplace for performing arts professionals. Flying Moose […]


Capturing Titus and Tales of the City

Cal Shakes Presents Titus Andronicus It’s About Bloody Time Photo by Kevin Berne, concept by Ilsa Brink Titus Andronicus – 60 Second Trailer For the first time in its 38-year history, the California Shakespeare theater has produced Titus Andronicus, Shakespeare’s […]