The Video You Save May Be Your Own

Recently, a client called and asked if we could do some minor editing; they had rebranded their organization and needed to insert a new logo at the head and tail of a short video. It was a rush job and they asked if we could, “download it from YouTube so it can be projected on […]


Why Flying Moose Produces Short Films

Performers: Nicholas Pelzcar and Olivia Lehrman Producing short films on a shoestring budget is difficult, maddening, even crazy. And yet, we can’t stop making them. Why? It’s always been our goal to create stories with moving images, and what we learn from producing short films has a direct impact on both the storytelling techniques and […]


Capturing Titus and Tales of the City

Cal Shakes Presents Titus Andronicus It’s About Bloody Time Photo by Kevin Berne, concept by Ilsa Brink Titus Andronicus – 60 Second Trailer For the first time in its 38-year history, the California Shakespeare theater has produced Titus Andronicus, Shakespeare’s bloody revenge tragedy. Flying Moose braved the cold night air at a late night dress […]


What Are Your Favorite Low-Tech / Highly-Engaging Films?

Does Video Production Technology Really Matter? The history of video production is the history of amazing technological innovation that has given us strikingly high-resolution images at “prosumer” prices. The DSL camera revolution put 35mm size image sensors in the hands of millions. GoPro cameras allow high definition image capture in the most extreme circumstances. And […]


Flying Moose Supports First Annual TBA Awards: Free Tickets

Flying Moose Pictures has supported Theatre Bay Area for more than a decade, capturing video of their General Auditions, teaching classes on media, and consulting with a huge number of their member theater companies. This year, TBA will hold its first annual awards event, celebrating “excellence in professionally oriented theatre in the Bay Area.” The […]


Why Flying Moose Pictures Built a New Website

Flying Moose Pictures just launched a new website. It’s our 4th or 5th website since we founded our video production company in 2000. Building a new website is a lot of work; designing the messaging and the look, gathering all the assets, and working within the limits of the technology. The practical reasons for building a […]