An award video is about much more than the accomplishments of the awardee; it’s a short story that promotes the vision and values of your organization.

American Conservatory Theater: MFA Gala


The Tony Award winning American Conservatory Theater supports the only accredited MFA actor training program not affiliated with a university.

American Conservatory Theater (A.C.T.)

A.C.T.’s  Conservancy holds an annual awards luncheon to honor benefactors and graduates, like The Hearst Foundations, The Fleishhacker Foundation, Annette Bening and Elizabeth Banks. Flying Moose was hired to design, script, shoot and delivering five short documentary videos to introduce the honorees at the live event.

The challenge was to introduce each of the five award recipients, highlighting their professional achievements, establishing the critical role that the Conservatory played in the development of their own craft, their organization or in American theater, and to encourage generous financial support from the audience attending the Awards luncheon.

We worked closely with A.C.T., researching the background of the honorees and formulating interview questions to elicit the responses we needed top support the MFA program. We captured twenty-four interviews, shooting in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The video featured here is for the Edward Hastings Career Achievement Award, given to the four-time Academy Award–nominated actress, Annette Bening.

The five documentary videos were enthusiastically received and added critical support to the story of the Conservatory and its mission. At the event, hundreds of thousands of dollars were raised in support of the A.C.T. actor training program.

Tony Award Gala Fundraising Video


The Magic is a nationally acclaimed, award-winning theatre dedicated to the development and production of new plays.

Magic Theatre

Flying Moose was asked to conceive, write and produce a video parody for the Magic’s Gala Fundraising Benefit set on the night of the Tony Awards.

To entertain a large crowd of current and potential supporters of the theater company with a humorous parody video.

We wrote a parody of the Tony Awards, founded on the conceit that members of the local, San Francisco theater community were harboring a desperate and deluded hope of receiving an award.

We staged and shot “live red carpet” interviews before the celebration, then seamlessly edited additional shots of the event itself into the presentation. The video was a highlight of the evening of entertainment and fundraising at the Presidio Officer’s Club.

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