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BioForm Sales and Marketing Meeting Kickoff Video


BioForm Medical is a medical aesthetics company specialized in the development and marketing of products that are used by physicians to improve a patient’s appearance. In 2010, Bioform was purchased by Merz Pharma Group of Germany.

BioForm Medical

Merz Aesthetic is a specialty healthcare company that develops and commercializes innovative treatment solutions in aesthetics, dermatology and neurosciences. In 2010, our client, Bioform was purchased by Merz Pharma Group. BioForm Medical is a medical aesthetics company.

Merz Aesthetics

BioForm needed an enthusiastic corporate video to kick off their annual sales and marketing meeting.

Our challenge was to communicate the strategic vision for the company in the coming year. We chose to combine interviews with key company leaders and patients with the visual story of their product benefits.

The video was greeted with such enthusiasm that the sales and marketing team asked for it to be projected for a second time at the national meeting.

Building Information Modeling


Rudolph and Sletten is a leader in the construction of medical facilities, museums, and educational institutions throughout California.

Rudolph and Sletten

Building Information Modeling merges a diverse set of digital data to create an evolving, parametric model of a building project, helping to reduce costs, streamline project delivery, and increase communication among team members. Rudolph and Sletten needed a corporate marketing video to explain and promote Building Information Modeling (BIM) to potential clients and collaborators.

Building information modeling is a vaguely defined set of software tools and techniques. We were tasked with developing and writing a clear introduction to BIM, drawing on a multitude of new and archival video and animation.

The Moose directed Rudolph and Sletten’s partner, View By View, in the production of animated graphics and 3D stills for the video. Aerial photos, time-lapse photography and candid interviews with key owners, architects, subcontractors, and company directors were also used to clearly explain BIM and its successful application to large building projects.

Rudolph and Sletten is dedicated to using BIM technologies to maintain their position as a leading, innovative contractor.  Our video effectively communicates to both first-time clients and to industry specialists, and helps Rudolph and Sletten remain competitive in the construction industry.

Cox Business Services: Retail


As one of the most experienced communications providers in the domestic U.S., Cox Business Carrier services offers superior coverage and capacity to support the demands of wireline service providers and wireless operators. With access to more than 200,000 locations across the Cox network and supporting speeds of up to 10 Gbps, Cox is committed to delivering the network of the future.

Cox Business Services

We captured engaging interview clips from vice presidents at both companies and illustrated their talking points with B-roll. The videos are used extensively during live presentations to potential Cox Customers.

We captured engaging interview clips from vice presidents at both companies and illustrated their talking points with B-roll. The videos are used extensively during live presentations to potential Cox Customers.

We captured engaging interview clips from vice presidents at both companies and illustrated their talking points with B-roll. The videos are used extensively during live presentations to potential Cox Customers.



RSS Architecture is a rare architectural firm: the company’s architect/designers are also highly skilled wood and metal workers. Their detailed understanding of how detailed architectural elements are manufactured gives the them a deep insight into designing them.

RSS Architecture / Modesto Architecture Festival

Flying Moose Pictures collaborated with RSS Architecture to design and produce a marketing video to highlight the unique design and manufacturing skills at the company.

Demolition, construction, and hand carving of wooden architectural details all take time. Our challenge was to present these painstaking processes, as well as the philosophy behind them, in a short marketing video.

Flying Moose had the opportunity to shoot the RSS Architecture team at work on the remodeling of a nondescript suburban house into a sophisticated craftsman style home.

We made extensive use of time-lapse videography to engage the viewer and communicate an overview of the transformation.

Location footage was combined with the time-lapse video, interviews, and still photography to produce a story that highlighted RSS’s hands-on approach and commitment to the blend of design and craft.

The documentary was completed for the Modesto Architectural Film Festival and is used by RSS to promote their unique skills and services.

Infinera Executive Briefing Center Tour


Infinera is a Silicon Valley based manufacturer of high capacity optical transmission equipment for the service provider market.

Infinera first hired Flying Moose to design and produce a short promotional video to highlight their newly remodeled executive briefing center. We have designed and produced several additional videos for Infinera, including internal corporate communications videos, corporate marketing videos, and demo videos.


Infinera CEO Tom Fallon and VP of Corporate Marketing Michael Capuano give a tour of the Executive Briefing Center.

Malcolm Drilling Marketing Video


Malcolm Drilling Company is a preeminent specialty foundation contractor serving a global market.

Malcolm Drilling

Malcolm Drilling needed a fast way to differentiate its specialty Foundation business when presenting to prospective clients.  They asked Flying Moose to produce a corporate marketing video that would introduce the wide variety of services they offer, the expertise of their employees, and their vast inventory of leading edge technology and equipment.

Many of Malcolm’s prospective customers treat the specialty foundation business as a commodity, ignoring the value of design engineering expertise and experience. Malcolm needed to communicate the value of their design engineering skills that differentiate them from their competition.

Script development focused on profiling the company’s competencies, their high profile, signature construction projects, and challenging prospective customer’s preconceived notions of the company.

Malcolm Drilling began using the video in presentations even before it was completed. The corporate marketing video has become an essential tool in their proposal process.

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