We have designed, produced and captured live performance video for more than 500 performing artists and art organizations. We produce video documentation, promotional B-roll, and integrate moving images into live theater, dance, and music.

A Thousand Splendid Suns


The Tony Award winning American Conservatory Theater supports the only accredited MFA actor training program not affiliated with a university.

American Conservatory Theater (A.C.T.)

A.C.T. needed to promote the World Premiere of A Thousand Splendid Suns, adapted for the stage from a best-selling novel by Ursula Rani Sarma.

The play featured an expansive story with a very large cast, stunning set design, lighting, and live music. Flying Moose Pictures was hired to capture B-roll of the event. We decided on a 3 camera crew with a dedicated sound mixer to capture the live music.

Our preforming arts marketing video helped make A Thousand Splendid Suns a runaway success, attracting large audiences for the American Conservatory Theater.

BANDALOOP: Experience


A pioneer in vertical dance performance, Bandaloop’s work has been presented on skyscrapers, bridges, billboards, historical sites, atriums, convention halls, and cliffs.


Flying Moose was asked to design and produce a compelling marketing video to promote the BANDALOOP Experience, a workshop that introduces aerial dance and composition to corporate leadership and design teams.

To communicate the value of the experience to corporate bookers and communicate specific benefits, including team building, problem-solving, changing perspectives, risk management.

BANDALOOP is using the video to attract vital new corporate business.

BANDALOOP: Harboring


A pioneer in vertical dance performance, Bandaloop’s work has been presented on skyscrapers, bridges, billboards, historical sites, atriums, convention halls, and cliffs.


Flying Moose was asked to design and produce a short demo video to win BANDALOOP one of only ten spots at the Association of Performing Arts Presenters “UpNext” pitch session.

To capture both the multi-dimensional aerial dances and the kinetic audience experience as they walked through a fifty-thousand square foot pavilion.

BANDALOOP won a coveted slot to pitch Harboring to arts presenters from around the world. The presentation immediately led to multiple books for Harboring.

Behind the Scenes of SPUNK at Cal Shakes


Founded in 1974, Cal Shakes is an award-winning, nationally recognized regional theater. Through seasonal productions at their outdoor amphitheater, and in year-round school and community-based programs, Cal Shakes expands access to the arts and builds diverse ownership of our region’s cultural vitality by fostering participatory approaches to the artistic process and arts education.

Flying Moose has documented live performances for Cal Shakes, producing B-roll for broadcast, and marketing video and trailers for their website.

California Shakespeare Theater

Flying Moose Pictures produced a behind-the-scenes look at Cal Shakes production of SPUNK, directed by Patricia McGregor. Music by Anthony Michael “Tru” Peterson, who plays “Guitar Man” in the production. Featuring McGregor, her sister (and SPUNK movement director) Paloma McGregor, Tru, and actors Aldo Billingslea, L. Peter Callender, Margo Hall, Omoze Idehenre, Tyee Tilghman, and Dawn L. Troupe.


Dael Orlandersmith’s STOOP STORIES


Aurora Theatre Company inspires new audiences and longtime theatre lovers alike with the visceral power of live theatre.


Directed by Elizabeth Carter | Featuring Jeunée Simon Playwright: Dael Orlandersmith Sound: Ariella Cooley Costumes: Regina Evans Lighting: Jon Tracy Scenic: Randy Wong-Westbrooke Stage Manager: Alicia Lerner

Aurora Theatre Company collaborated with Flying Moose Pictures to shoot and deliver a 3-camera documentation of Stoop Stories in only two days. We rehearsed extensively with director Elizabeth Carter to perform a live edit of the show.

During the COVID -19 pandemic, the Aurora Theatre audience was delighted for the opportunity to experience an intimate video documentation the perfomance from the safety and comfort of their homes.

Performing Arts Reel: Spoken Word, Theater, Dance & Music


We have designed and produced videos for more than two-hundred performing artists and arts organizations. This is a short selection of clips these performing arts videos.

Rachel Garlin Music Video


Based in San Francisco, Rachel Garlin is a singer-songwriter whose character-filled songs have been noted for their vivid, lyrical imagery and themes that are “fresh and often unexpectedly moving” (East Bay Express). Her April 2015 release, Wink at July, continues in the folk-rock storytelling vein that brought her past accolades from the New York Songwriter’s Circle, Performing Songwriter Magazine, and won her first place in the Newport Folk Festival’s Talent Search.

Wink at July is a collection of 12 new songs (from acoustic solos to full band arrangements) with varied settings: the isles of Scotland, the subways of New York, the hills of the Bay Area. Garlin recorded the album in San Francisco with producer JJ Wiesler (Matt Nathanson, Girls) and musicians Michael Urbano (John Hiatt, Smash Mouth), Prairie Prince (Journey, The Tubes) and many others including Garlin’s friends and longtime collaborators Green, Kate Isenberg, Jon Evans, and Julie Wolf.

The lively lead-off track “Gwendolyn Said” stems from a childhood memory of riding the public bus to school while reading the poetry-rich bus billboards overhead, including a piece by poet laureate Gwendolyn Brooks with the words: “Exhaust the little moment, soon it dies.” In the spirit of those same words, Garlin has created an album that is real, in the moment, and dancing with imagery. In it, there are stories inspired by friends and family members, painters and public figures, landscapes and loss.

Rachel Garlin

Flying Moose Pictures was asked to design and produce a music video for the release of Rachel’s new album, Wink at July.

From the Berkeley Hills to the Isles of Scotland, from Keith Haring’s graffiti to the studio of an elusive artist, from the poetry of Gwendolyn Brooks to letters and words exchanged between friends and loved ones, Rachel Garlin guides her listeners on a winding road of language, images, and the creative process in her latest album, Wink at July. Tonal ballads and bandy melodies provide a seamless interplay of storytelling and music that encourage listeners to reminisce, celebrate and take solace while navigating our shared human existence. For all its descriptive strength, the 12-song album might be compared to a cherished book of vignettes, except that there is a poetic element, something beautiful and evocative that infuses each song with lyrical as well as narrative power.

Our goal was to produce a music video that presented Rachel’s performance without getting in the way of her music in the small venue packed with her avid fans. We designed a product that used only two cameras and careful, conservative editing to let viewers experience the song and lyrics. Our music video was shot at Viracocha, an eclectic antique shop and performance venue in the Mission.

Rachel is using the music video produced by Flying Moose Pictures to promote her new album.

For more about Rachel and the album, visit her website: RachelGarlin.com

Sent To Her Room


Deborah Slater Dance Theater is a professional dance & theater company dedicated to production of works exploring timely social issues. Founded by award-winning Artistic Director Deborah Slater, DSDT has been touring more than two decades

Deborah Slater Dance Theater

Sent To Her Room featured the choreography of Deborah Slater and Jennifer Kesler, a strong, supple dancer who partnered with a small, slanted table to create a compelling story through stillness, balance, and movement.

We documented the dance in a special performance for the cameras, allowing us to design and frame highly specific shots that best communicated the subtle story.

The performance documentation video was used extensively by Deborah Slater to promote her work and win grants and other funding.

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Performing arts video documentation begins, as all our projects, by asking probing questions to understand the audience, the message, the intent of the communication and how best to visualize your story.

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