Capturing a live performance with moving images is not about pointing a camera and exposing pixels to light; it’s about adapting your story to a new medium.

24th Annual Free Folk Festival


The San Francisco Free Folk Festival was founded in 1977. The annual, two-day event, includes music and dance workshops, concerts, dance parties, crafts, vendors, and formal and informal music-making

San Francisco Free Folk Festival

The Free Folk Festival needed to promote classes and performances, recruit performers, and to raise funding for the annual Free Folk Festival, one of the key events in the Bay Area folk music circuit.

The festival took place inside linoleum and concrete public school classrooms and gymnasiums, a challenging lighting and sound environment. We were asked to produce the min-documentary at the last minute.

The piece was shot “guerrilla style” without lights and without a script. All sound and music on the video were recorded live on location. We created the story in post production. The video was used extensively to promoting future Free Folk Festivals.

A Thousand Splendid Suns


The Tony Award winning American Conservatory Theater supports the only accredited MFA actor training program not affiliated with a university.

American Conservatory Theater (A.C.T.)

A.C.T. needed to promote the World Premiere of A Thousand Splendid Suns, adapted for the stage from a best-selling novel by Ursula Rani Sarma.

The play featured an expansive story with a very large cast, stunning set design, lighting, and live music. Flying Moose Pictures was hired to capture B-roll of the event. We decided on a 3 camera crew with a dedicated sound mixer to capture the live music.

Our preforming arts marketing video helped make A Thousand Splendid Suns a runaway success, attracting large audiences for the American Conservatory Theater.

BANDALOOP: Harboring


A pioneer in vertical dance performance, Bandaloop’s work has been presented on skyscrapers, bridges, billboards, historical sites, atriums, convention halls, and cliffs.


Flying Moose was asked to design and produce a short demo video to win BANDALOOP one of only ten spots at the Association of Performing Arts Presenters “UpNext” pitch session.

To capture both the multi-dimensional aerial dances and the kinetic audience experience as they walked through a fifty-thousand square foot pavilion.

BANDALOOP won a coveted slot to pitch Harboring to arts presenters from around the world. The presentation immediately led to multiple books for Harboring.

Love Sick Promo


Based on the ancient Hebrew text, “The Song of Songs” Love Sick fuses a live concert experience with story and character to create one woman’s journey through a relentless and fervent love affair—and her gradual descent into madness. Set against a backdrop of modern-day Tel-Aviv, and a Jerusalem unbound by time, the production features Ofra Daniel and celebrated world-musician Ali Paris.

We previewed the show in advance of our shoot and discovered that the staging of the musical was complex. The small stage was a deep thrust, meaning that audience (and cameras) would appear in many shots. Characters danced in tight circles, musicians and actors performed high above the stage on a scaffold and walked into and behind the audience. Lighting changed radically from scenes to scenes. We designed a detailed plan for our coverage using 4 cameras.

The world premiere performance of Love Sick won glowing reviews, including the San Francisco Chronicles Highest Rating. We produced several edits of our performance documentation video; a short sizzle reel, a 5-minute trailer, and a 2 hour cut of the full show. The production company is using the videos to promote the show and schedule future productions.

Performing Arts Reel: Spoken Word, Theater, Dance & Music


We have designed and produced videos for more than two-hundred performing artists and arts organizations. This is a short selection of clips these performing arts videos.

Sent To Her Room


Deborah Slater Dance Theater is a professional dance & theater company dedicated to production of works exploring timely social issues. Founded by award-winning Artistic Director Deborah Slater, DSDT has been touring more than two decades

Deborah Slater Dance Theater

Sent To Her Room featured the choreography of Deborah Slater and Jennifer Kesler, a strong, supple dancer who partnered with a small, slanted table to create a compelling story through stillness, balance, and movement.

We documented the dance in a special performance for the cameras, allowing us to design and frame highly specific shots that best communicated the subtle story.

The performance documentation video was used extensively by Deborah Slater to promote her work and win grants and other funding.

Steven Soderbergh Presents: State of Cinema


Steven Soderbergh is best known for directing critically acclaimed commercial Hollywood films Out of Sight, Erin Brockovich, Traffic and Contagion, and the remake of Ocean’s Eleven. He has also directed the smaller, less conventional works,  Sex, Lies, and Videotape, Schizopolis, Bubble, Kafka, The Girlfriend Experience and Che.

Steven Soderbergh

Steven Soderbergh is best known for directing critically acclaimed commercial Hollywood films Out of Sight, Erin Brockovich, Traffic and Contagion, and the remake of Ocean’s Eleven. He has also directed the smaller, less conventional works,  Sex, Lies, and Videotape, Schizopolis, Bubble, Kafka, The Girlfriend Experience and Che. Our task was to capture the 2013 State of Cinema presentation by the director at the 56th annual San Francisco International Film Festival.

High quality engaging capture of the forty-minute live presentation using multiple cameras.

The video was a popular hit, was embedded in many film industry news sites, and counted more than ten thousand views the first day and more than seventy-thousand direct plays overall.

TBA Auditions: Marie Plouviez


Theatre Bay Area was founded in 1976 to serve the vital artistic community of the Bay Area, and is today the largest regional theatre service organization in North America.

For nearly a decade, Flying Moose has documented the annual Theatre Bay Area General Auditions. For two days, more than 200 actors present monologues to a large audience of casting directors, directors, and producers. Flying Moose produces short video clips that actors use to promote their careers.

Theatre Bay Area

For more than two decades, the Theatre Bay Area General Auditions have provided an opportunity for newcomers and veteran actors alike to showcase their talent for two-hundred local directors, casting directors and representatives of theatres seeking to cast their show.

Our challenge was to capture each performance, anticipating the movement of the actors across the stage and framing to best present their work. A new actor appeared on stage every two minutes.

For more than a decade, our audition videos have been used to cast hundreds of actors in roles for film and live performance.

Titus Andronicus


Founded in 1974, Cal Shakes is an award-winning, nationally recognized regional theater. Through seasonal productions at their outdoor amphitheater, and in year-round school and community-based programs, Cal Shakes expands access to the arts and builds diverse ownership of our region’s cultural vitality by fostering participatory approaches to the artistic process and arts education.

Flying Moose has documented live performances for Cal Shakes, producing B-roll for broadcast, and marketing video and trailers for their website.

California Shakespeare Theater

Titus Andronicus is a graphically violent tragedy by William Shakespeare. California Shakespeare Theater needed to promote its first production of the play in its 38-year history.

The Cal Shakes audience was predisposed to dislike the play, due to its reputation for gruesome, violent scenes of rape, mutilation, and murder. Flying Moose Pictures was asked to capture the performance and produce a short, dramatic trailer to promote the performance.

The driving force behind our trailer design was the highly dramatic music we recorded during the performance. Loud bass and drums set the tone for an evening of heightened political and physical conflict. We selected the most dynamic B-roll to accompany the musical score.

The trailer helped overcome the reputation of Shakespeare’s “bloodiest work” and attracted sold out audiences to the show.

Our Collaborative Process

For nearly two decades Flying Moose Pictures has collaborated with performing arts clients to document theater, dance, opera, and music. The Moose applies years of experience and expertise to meet the many challenges of capturing live performance videos.

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