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Abbott Precision Xtra


A Fortune 200 company with approximately 69,000 employees worldwide, Abbott remains one of the most far-reaching, diversified healthcare companies today. Abbott Diabetes Care is focused on the design, development, and manufacture of products for people living with diabetes and a world leader in diabetes management products.

Abbott Diabetes Care

Abbott needed a video to showcase the unique features of their Precision brand blood glucose monitoring system.

The video had to engage an international audience viewing it on a noisy trade show floor, where sound may not be audible.

We designed a wordless video to capture the ease of use, accuracy, speed, and freedom afforded by the new product. It was produced in five versions for use in markets throughout the world.

CyraCom: The Personal Impact of Language Services


CyraCom provides language interpretation services for the medical community.

CyraCom Language Solutions

Flying Moose Pictures collaborated with CyraCom to create a video that gives the viewer insight into the emotional distress of a patient who struggles to communicate with their doctor as well as the benefits of using a professional medical interpretations service.

FP3 Network Processor Product Launch


Alcatel-Lucent is a global innovator in IP and cloud networking and ultra-broadband access.


Alcatel-Lucent needed to launch the FlexPath 3, the world’s first 400GB network processor. Our task was to design a short video to communicate that the company’s commitment to producing their own custom silicon chip resulted in a device that was faster, smarter, and greener than the competition.

We developed an interview strategy and conversed with core members of the Alcatel-Lucent engineering team, capturing key messages about the breakthrough device, and focusing the video on the differentiators that separate FP3 technology from Alcatel-Lucent’s competitors.

Basil Alwan, President of the IP division, was placed in front of a green landscape to visually communicate the “green” component of the marketing video – a fifty-percent power savings inherent in the new processor design.

We captured compelling, engaging interviews from our engineer interviewees.. The product launch was a great success. We continue to partner with Alcatel-Lucent, promote their lead edge technology, and assist them in gaining market share.

Sarah’s Story: Customer Testimonial


PivotLink produced a Business Intelligence Platform designed for business users to quickly explore data to make decisions with limited IT involvement. In 2013 the company was purchased by Francisco Partners and the PivotLink technology is now part of the Saas markleting platform, SmartFocus.

PivotLink / SmartFocus

The PivotLink Business Intelligence Platform is designed for business users to quickly explore data to make decisions with limited IT involvement. Flying Moose Pictures was asked to write and produce a fun, fictional, client testimonial video demonstrating how the PivotLink software platform can lead to smarter and more profitable business decisions by using social media analytics.

The depth and power of the PivotLink software platform, as well as its flexibility, without the need for programming, were not widely known to potential customers. We needed to engage small businesses with a realistic case study that illustrated the benefits of the PivotLink solution.

PivotLink used the customer testimonial video to market its products on their website and at trade shows.

We Listen, Then Visualize Your Story

Our product launch videos and demo videos have told the stories behind medical devices that cure aneurysms, Silicon Valley technology that drives the Internet, environmentally friendly LEED construction techniques, and filters to clean hog waste. The common element to our product launch and demo videos is how we listen to our clients and understand and tell their stories.

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