Often the best question we can ask about your marketing video is, “What can we leave out?”

Abbott Precision Xtra


A Fortune 200 company with approximately 69,000 employees worldwide, Abbott remains one of the most far-reaching, diversified healthcare companies today. Abbott Diabetes Care is focused on the design, development, and manufacture of products for people living with diabetes and a world leader in diabetes management products.

Abbott Diabetes Care

Abbott needed a video to showcase the unique features of their Precision brand blood glucose monitoring system.

The video had to engage an international audience viewing it on a noisy trade show floor, where sound may not be audible.

We designed a wordless video to capture the ease of use, accuracy, speed, and freedom afforded by the new product. It was produced in five versions for use in markets throughout the world.

BANDALOOP: Experience


A pioneer in vertical dance performance, Bandaloop’s work has been presented on skyscrapers, bridges, billboards, historical sites, atriums, convention halls, and cliffs.


Flying Moose was asked to design and produce a compelling marketing video to promote the BANDALOOP Experience, a workshop that introduces aerial dance and composition to corporate leadership and design teams.

To communicate the value of the experience to corporate bookers and communicate specific benefits, including team building, problem-solving, changing perspectives, risk management.

BANDALOOP is using the video to attract vital new corporate business.

Behind the Scenes of SPUNK at Cal Shakes


Founded in 1974, Cal Shakes is an award-winning, nationally recognized regional theater. Through seasonal productions at their outdoor amphitheater, and in year-round school and community-based programs, Cal Shakes expands access to the arts and builds diverse ownership of our region’s cultural vitality by fostering participatory approaches to the artistic process and arts education.

Flying Moose has documented live performances for Cal Shakes, producing B-roll for broadcast, and marketing video and trailers for their website.

California Shakespeare Theater

Flying Moose Pictures produced a behind-the-scenes look at Cal Shakes production of SPUNK, directed by Patricia McGregor. Music by Anthony Michael “Tru” Peterson, who plays “Guitar Man” in the production. Featuring McGregor, her sister (and SPUNK movement director) Paloma McGregor, Tru, and actors Aldo Billingslea, L. Peter Callender, Margo Hall, Omoze Idehenre, Tyee Tilghman, and Dawn L. Troupe.


Big Book Sale


The Friends & Foundation of the San Francisco Public Library holds the largest annual book sale West of the Mississippi. 350 volunteers wrangle more than 300,000 books throughout the weekend-long sale.

Friends of the San Francisco Public Library

The Friends of the San Francisco Library needed to promote their biggest fundraising event of the year with a short video for their website and B-roll for local broadcast stations.

Capture the enormous scope of the event and the large, enthusiastic crowds.

We used time-lapse photography set to a driving, energetic musical score to compress the activities of the gigantic 3-day sale into a few short minutes of video.

The video was used for for their website, Electronic Press Kits, Public Service Announcements, and for recruiting new volunteers, and encouraging donors.

BioForm Sales and Marketing Meeting Kickoff Video


BioForm Medical is a medical aesthetics company specialized in the development and marketing of products that are used by physicians to improve a patient’s appearance. In 2010, Bioform was purchased by Merz Pharma Group of Germany.

BioForm Medical

Merz Aesthetic is a specialty healthcare company that develops and commercializes innovative treatment solutions in aesthetics, dermatology and neurosciences. In 2010, our client, Bioform was purchased by Merz Pharma Group. BioForm Medical is a medical aesthetics company.

Merz Aesthetics

BioForm needed an enthusiastic corporate video to kick off their annual sales and marketing meeting.

Our challenge was to communicate the strategic vision for the company in the coming year. We chose to combine interviews with key company leaders and patients with the visual story of their product benefits.

The video was greeted with such enthusiasm that the sales and marketing team asked for it to be projected for a second time at the national meeting.

Building Information Modeling


Rudolph and Sletten is a leader in the construction of medical facilities, museums, and educational institutions throughout California.

Rudolph and Sletten

Building Information Modeling merges a diverse set of digital data to create an evolving, parametric model of a building project, helping to reduce costs, streamline project delivery, and increase communication among team members. Rudolph and Sletten needed a corporate marketing video to explain and promote Building Information Modeling (BIM) to potential clients and collaborators.

Building information modeling is a vaguely defined set of software tools and techniques. We were tasked with developing and writing a clear introduction to BIM, drawing on a multitude of new and archival video and animation.

The Moose directed Rudolph and Sletten’s partner, View By View, in the production of animated graphics and 3D stills for the video. Aerial photos, time-lapse photography and candid interviews with key owners, architects, subcontractors, and company directors were also used to clearly explain BIM and its successful application to large building projects.

Rudolph and Sletten is dedicated to using BIM technologies to maintain their position as a leading, innovative contractor.  Our video effectively communicates to both first-time clients and to industry specialists, and helps Rudolph and Sletten remain competitive in the construction industry.

Cox Business Services: Retail


As one of the most experienced communications providers in the domestic U.S., Cox Business Carrier services offers superior coverage and capacity to support the demands of wireline service providers and wireless operators. With access to more than 200,000 locations across the Cox network and supporting speeds of up to 10 Gbps, Cox is committed to delivering the network of the future.

Cox Business Services

We captured engaging interview clips from vice presidents at both companies and illustrated their talking points with B-roll. The videos are used extensively during live presentations to potential Cox Customers.

We captured engaging interview clips from vice presidents at both companies and illustrated their talking points with B-roll. The videos are used extensively during live presentations to potential Cox Customers.

We captured engaging interview clips from vice presidents at both companies and illustrated their talking points with B-roll. The videos are used extensively during live presentations to potential Cox Customers.



RSS Architecture is a rare architectural firm: the company’s architect/designers are also highly skilled wood and metal workers. Their detailed understanding of how detailed architectural elements are manufactured gives the them a deep insight into designing them.

RSS Architecture / Modesto Architecture Festival

Flying Moose Pictures collaborated with RSS Architecture to design and produce a marketing video to highlight the unique design and manufacturing skills at the company.

Demolition, construction, and hand carving of wooden architectural details all take time. Our challenge was to present these painstaking processes, as well as the philosophy behind them, in a short marketing video.

Flying Moose had the opportunity to shoot the RSS Architecture team at work on the remodeling of a nondescript suburban house into a sophisticated craftsman style home.

We made extensive use of time-lapse videography to engage the viewer and communicate an overview of the transformation.

Location footage was combined with the time-lapse video, interviews, and still photography to produce a story that highlighted RSS’s hands-on approach and commitment to the blend of design and craft.

The documentary was completed for the Modesto Architectural Film Festival and is used by RSS to promote their unique skills and services.

CyraCom: The Personal Impact of Language Services


CyraCom provides language interpretation services for the medical community.

CyraCom Language Solutions

Flying Moose Pictures collaborated with CyraCom to create a video that gives the viewer insight into the emotional distress of a patient who struggles to communicate with their doctor as well as the benefits of using a professional medical interpretations service.

Dael Orlandersmith’s STOOP STORIES


Aurora Theatre Company inspires new audiences and longtime theatre lovers alike with the visceral power of live theatre.


Directed by Elizabeth Carter | Featuring Jeunée Simon Playwright: Dael Orlandersmith Sound: Ariella Cooley Costumes: Regina Evans Lighting: Jon Tracy Scenic: Randy Wong-Westbrooke Stage Manager: Alicia Lerner

Aurora Theatre Company collaborated with Flying Moose Pictures to shoot and deliver a 3-camera documentation of Stoop Stories in only two days. We rehearsed extensively with director Elizabeth Carter to perform a live edit of the show.

During the COVID -19 pandemic, the Aurora Theatre audience was delighted for the opportunity to experience an intimate video documentation the perfomance from the safety and comfort of their homes.

FP3 Network Processor Product Launch


Alcatel-Lucent is a global innovator in IP and cloud networking and ultra-broadband access.


Alcatel-Lucent needed to launch the FlexPath 3, the world’s first 400GB network processor. Our task was to design a short video to communicate that the company’s commitment to producing their own custom silicon chip resulted in a device that was faster, smarter, and greener than the competition.

We developed an interview strategy and conversed with core members of the Alcatel-Lucent engineering team, capturing key messages about the breakthrough device, and focusing the video on the differentiators that separate FP3 technology from Alcatel-Lucent’s competitors.

Basil Alwan, President of the IP division, was placed in front of a green landscape to visually communicate the “green” component of the marketing video – a fifty-percent power savings inherent in the new processor design.

We captured compelling, engaging interviews from our engineer interviewees.. The product launch was a great success. We continue to partner with Alcatel-Lucent, promote their lead edge technology, and assist them in gaining market share.

Live Painting Performance: Wax on Glass


Originally from Washington, DC, Charlie co-founded the Chicago-based visual theater company Local Infinities, creating 11 materials-based visual performances over 7 years, featuring 800 lbs of dirt, 100 gallons of water, or dipping people in giant vats of wax. Local Infinities performed at Oerel international theater festival in the Netherlands and Kyiv Travnevy in Ukraine, and curated international performance series at Links Hall in Chicago.

Charlie levin

Charlie Levin makes performances, interactive paintings, and installations exploring questions of complexity, identity, and perception. Her innovative interactive wax paintings use transparency, light, and sensors to create body-art experiences bridging digital and analog experience.

Charlie was invited to perform at the San Francisco Arts Festival and ask Flying Moose Pictures to design and produce a marketing video.

In this unique and intimate performance, a painting comes to life in response to a text read aloud by the audience. Starting with a large, clear piece of glass, Levin uses melted wax to create illuminated images that change with the direction and intensity of light. Flying Moose had to design a plan to capture the kinetic painting process within tight time constraints as the wax was heated, applied, and cooled into a solid painting.

Charlie used our marketing video to attract a sold out crowd to her performances at the San Francisco Arts Festival. We captured that performance as well and produced video documentation that she will use for grant application and for her web site.

Love Sick Promo


Based on the ancient Hebrew text, “The Song of Songs” Love Sick fuses a live concert experience with story and character to create one woman’s journey through a relentless and fervent love affair—and her gradual descent into madness. Set against a backdrop of modern-day Tel-Aviv, and a Jerusalem unbound by time, the production features Ofra Daniel and celebrated world-musician Ali Paris.


We previewed the show in advance of our shoot and discovered that the staging of the musical was complex. The small stage was a deep thrust, meaning that audience (and cameras) would appear in many shots. Characters danced in tight circles, musicians and actors performed high above the stage on a scaffold and walked into and behind the audience. Lighting changed radically from scenes to scenes. We designed a detailed plan for our coverage using 4 cameras.

The world premiere performance of Love Sick won glowing reviews, including the San Francisco Chronicles Highest Rating. We produced several edits of our performance documentation video; a short sizzle reel, a 5-minute trailer, and a 2 hour cut of the full show. The production company is using the videos to promote the show and schedule future productions.

Malcolm Drilling Marketing Video


Malcolm Drilling Company is a preeminent specialty foundation contractor serving a global market.

Malcolm Drilling

Malcolm Drilling needed a fast way to differentiate its specialty Foundation business when presenting to prospective clients.  They asked Flying Moose to produce a corporate marketing video that would introduce the wide variety of services they offer, the expertise of their employees, and their vast inventory of leading edge technology and equipment.

Many of Malcolm’s prospective customers treat the specialty foundation business as a commodity, ignoring the value of design engineering expertise and experience. Malcolm needed to communicate the value of their design engineering skills that differentiate them from their competition.

Script development focused on profiling the company’s competencies, their high profile, signature construction projects, and challenging prospective customer’s preconceived notions of the company.

Malcolm Drilling began using the video in presentations even before it was completed. The corporate marketing video has become an essential tool in their proposal process.

Sarah’s Story: Customer Testimonial


PivotLink produced a Business Intelligence Platform designed for business users to quickly explore data to make decisions with limited IT involvement. In 2013 the company was purchased by Francisco Partners and the PivotLink technology is now part of the Saas markleting platform, SmartFocus.

PivotLink / SmartFocus

The PivotLink Business Intelligence Platform is designed for business users to quickly explore data to make decisions with limited IT involvement. Flying Moose Pictures was asked to write and produce a fun, fictional, client testimonial video demonstrating how the PivotLink software platform can lead to smarter and more profitable business decisions by using social media analytics.

The depth and power of the PivotLink software platform, as well as its flexibility, without the need for programming, were not widely known to potential customers. We needed to engage small businesses with a realistic case study that illustrated the benefits of the PivotLink solution.

PivotLink used the customer testimonial video to market its products on their website and at trade shows.

Visual Storytelling, Emotional Engagment

Marketing videos are not essays. They work best when they are concise and engage your audience with an emotional connection to your message. We collaborate with our clients to determine how to communicate that message through moving images.

Working together to tell your story

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