An effective training video is about more than pointing a camera at an existing curriculum; it’s about effectively presenting your information in a new medium.

Abbott Precision Xtra


A Fortune 200 company with approximately 69,000 employees worldwide, Abbott remains one of the most far-reaching, diversified healthcare companies today. Abbott Diabetes Care is focused on the design, development, and manufacture of products for people living with diabetes and a world leader in diabetes management products.

Abbott Diabetes Care

Abbott needed a video to showcase the unique features of their Precision brand blood glucose monitoring system.

The video had to engage an international audience viewing it on a noisy trade show floor, where sound may not be audible.

We designed a wordless video to capture the ease of use, accuracy, speed, and freedom afforded by the new product. It was produced in five versions for use in markets throughout the world.

dekePod: 101 Photoshop Tips in 5 Minutes


O’Reilly Media spreads the knowledge of innovators through its books, online services, magazines, research, and conferences.

O’Reilly Media

Deke McClelland is a popular lecturer on Adobe Photoshop, computer graphics, and design. He has created hundreds of hours of video training tutorials for industry leaders and Total Training. Deke has written over 80 books, translated into 24 languages, with more than 4 million copies in print.

Deke McClelland

Adobe Photoshop and Creative Suite guru Deke McClelland wanted to expand his software training empire and produce an ongoing series of informative and promotional podcasts. We partnered with Deke to come up with an edgy, fast paced, musical concept.

Our challenge for the pilot podcast was to fit 100 Photoshop tips into a 5-minute rap, shot at gritty industrial locations around San Francisco.

We closely integrated motion graphics with Deke’s performance in this riotously elaborate video, which set the tone for the first dekePod series. Flying Moose produced the dekPod series twice-monthly for two-years and was enjoyed by millions of viewers.

Fresh Choice: Service Training Video


Fresh Choice is a chain of restaurants focused on high-quality food and excellent customer service.

Fresh Choice

Fresh Choice asked Flying Moose to write, design, and produce a training video to teach company policies and customer service to their multi-lingual entry-level workforce.

Fresh Choice trains hundreds of employees each year to deliver the excellent customer service that is a core value to their customers. They needed to train employees for three key positions at their restaurants, focusing on empowering them to “do the right thing” for their guests.

Flying Moose expanded on our experience producing an entertaining sales team video for restaurant giant Chevys Fresh Mex. We created an innovative script with humorous characters and a distinctive visual style. We shot on location at a Fresh Choice restaurant during regular business hours, requiring careful choreography to avoid impacting food service.

The resulting training video was engaging and informative and continues to support improved employee service.

VSEP Training Video


New Logic is the leading provider of high-performance membrane filtration systems used in a wide variety of applications for pure water and wastewater treatment, industrial and chemical processing, power, pulp and paper, oil and gas production and processing, paint and pigments and electronics industries.

New Logic Research

New Logic Research asked Flying Moose to design and produce an extensive series of training videos for their VSEP Pilot Testing Program.

New Logic Research’s proprietary technology demands a multi-stage design process. The company required their global base of potential customers to travel to California, sit through a week of classroom demonstrations, and study two 300-page user manuals, making the sales process complex and support-intensive.

Flying Moose developed a script for a training video, working intensively with New Logic and testing the script with novice users. We shot the video in a three day, multi-camera production.

The new video training “manual” is far more accessible and popular than the old printed version, has improved customer support and streamlined the sales process.

Visually Engaging Training Videos

We have produced dozens of training videos using our efficient script development, production, and testing workflow. Our training videos have educated astronomers, engineers, surgeons, graphic artists, and more.

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