Who We Are

We are a team of filmmakers with a passion for storytelling.

Mark Leialoha

With a passion for photography and film that spans over two decades, Mark has traveled throughout Europe, the US and far east as a principal contributing photographer, his innovative and creative editorial & commercial photography featured in more than 75 magazines in over 25 countries. With extensive production skills, encompassing still & video camera operation, lighting, audio and editing, Mark offers a unique approach and vision to every project.

He has served as Director of Photography for the feature-length independent film Maladaptive.

Jonathan Luskin

Jonathan Luskin worked for 17 years as an animator and technical director at Industrial Light and Magic, Colossal Pictures, UC Berkeley, and San Francisco State University, among others. He writes, produces, and directs for both film and theater. Jonathan has directed for many Bay Area theater companies, receiving the Goodman Choice Award for Directing for three productions. His plays have been produced by The Best of PlayGround, the Bay Area Playwrights Festival, and commissioned by the Magic Theatre. Jonathan is currently developing several full-length works for theater and film.

Link to Jonathan’s plays on the New Play Exchange.

Link to Jonathan’s playwright website.

Barry Stone

Barry brings thirty years of experience to every project. Shooting twenty-two features as a Director of Photography has taught him how to make his client’s investment appear on the screen, to make the best use of the time available and to manage both small and large crews.

Barry’s directing experience includes four episodes of the British hit series rENFORD rEJECTS, filmed in London for Nickelodeon and Channel Four,  All Ways Welcome, which he produced and directed for the Ontario Ministry of Tourism and Recreation and numerous commercials, music videos and corporate films.

Recently Barry directed, shot and edited Sniff,  a feature length drama/documentary hybrid with Amanda Plummer, Neil Morrissey and a lot of great dogs. He is also the co-creator and co-producer of the PlayGround Film Festival.

Barry has received a Gemini nomination for writing, two Genie nominations and three C.S.C. awards for cinematography, as well a Casbee award for a music video.

All Ways Welcome garnered ten National and International awards including top prize at the ITVA Canada, and top in the category at the international  ITVA in Munich.

Bruce Mitchel

Bruce is a widely skilled Director of Photography, Camera Operator, and Data Wrangler who has worked with Flying Moose Pictures on every kind of production. He was a dual major in cinema and anthropology at San Francisco State University and has worked for Paramount Pictures, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, and Netflix. Bruce has also written, produced, directed or crewed on dozens of short narrative films.

Steven Lagosh

Steven has mixed production sound for over 10 years, working on both short films and features. He also designs and edits post-production sound in his studio. Steven has a bachelors degree in Cinema from San Francisco State University with an emphasis in sound. He received the Warren Hack Award for Excellence in Sound in 2016, for his film, This is War. Steven toured the United States in the Blue Coats marching band, playing the tuba.

The Reverend LordRifa

The Reverend’s compositions are a carnival ride of vignettes, thickly wrapped around themes of lust and passion, death and rebirth, redemption and salvation. As the truths are laid before us we are enveloped by textured sticky guitar, traditional acoustic folk sounds, even a tender, and tragic violin solo, tightly woven into tribal beats, clip ‘n’ trip edits, and groovy keys.

As a multi-instrumentalist, the Reverend is tireless in his carnivorous pursuit of all things musical. Not only are his tales reminiscent of origin stories of biblical and Greco-Roman mythological proportions, but he masterfully represents the origins of music, incorporating African rhythms, American bluegrass, and samurai warrior calls, dragging ancient music into our world. It’s the story of the origin of music as much as it is The Reverend LordRifa’s. Devolution as evolution.

Adam Chin

Adam Chin has more than 25 years of experience as a filmmaker and is an expert at computer graphics and visual effects. He was one of the original employees at Pacific Data Images, (later Dreamworks Animation). Adam’s film credits include The Peacemaker, Batman Returns, Batman & Robin, Shrek (2 & 3), Madagascar (1, 2 & 3), Kung Fu Panda 2, and How to Train Your Dragon.

Adam wrote and directed the independent feature film Maladaptive and is also an accomplished photographer. He is currently archiving a catalog of fine art photography for the Center of Creative Photography, about Benjamin Chinn, a contemporary of Ansel Adams and Minor White. Adam recently produced and directed the feature-length documentary Graham’s Tales, which tells the bizarre, true-life stories of a Medical Examiner’s investigator.

Joe Gibbs

Joe Gibbs has worked closely with Flying Moose Pictures since we formed the company in 2000. Joe is a commercial photographer who’s vision, experience, professionalism, technical ability and easy-going, can-do nature keeps clients coming back to collaborate in producing compelling visuals for a wide range of uses. Joe is an expert at creating both still and moving images. Working with Joe allows Flying Moose to capture both still images and video in the same, coordinated production.

Click here to learn more about Joe and see his portfolio.

Potrero Post

Potrero Post has partnered with Flying Moose Pictures for more than a decade, composing, recording, and mixing sound tracks for our corporate and performing arts videos and our short films.

Potrero Post executes projects of all sizes, designing solutions that fit both client needs and budget. The strength of the company lies in its ability to harness the creative power of a dedicated, experienced staff, equipped with the best tools and support systems available. They focus on their primary mission: to listen closely to their clients and understand how to tell their stories.

From Corporate Video to The Arts

Flying Moose Pictures was founded by Mark Leialoha and Jonathan Luskin, who bring over 40 years of experience in filmmaking, still photography, visual effects, theater, and animation to each project.

We are a complete video production house — beginning to end service.

We are experts at partnering with members of the business and performing arts community to tell compelling stories through moving images. We design and produce videos for a diverse client list including large corporations, small businesses, non-profit organizations, theater, dance and opera companies and dozens of individual artists. We provide full production services including concept development, production, editing, visual effects and graphics, music composition and sound design.

We replace voluminous technical training manuals with web-ready video clips, instruct astronomers on how to speak to the public and turn complex scientific concepts into engaging stories. We document product performance and capture brainstorming sessions. We work with performing artists, documenting their work, creating compelling demo reels, or designing and integrating graphics and video into their shows. We write and produce videos for gala fundraising events, humorous short films for marketing and sales events, or to promote the use of green construction technologies. Our videos span the universe of images from remote galaxies to the microscopic coils used to operate inside the brain. We deliver for the web, podcasts, or broadcast.

The Moose works with arts organizations to capture performances through Zoom, Skype, and OBS and to distribute their work over Vimeo, Youtube, Broadway on Demand and other platforms. 

The Moose team draws on a wide network of designers, production crew and actors to assemble a team that uniquely serves each client’s production. Our approach is hands-on, creative and professional. We collaborate closely with our clients to meet both their creative and budgetary requirements.