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Flying Moose is a San Francisco based video design and production company

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We tell stories

Join forces with the experts at partnering with members of the business and performing arts community to tell compelling stories through moving images. Visual stories are designed and produced for a diverse client list including large corporations, small businesses, non-profit organizations, theater, dance and opera as well as dozens of individual artists. Flying Moose Pictures produces industrial videos for sales, marketing, communications, documentation, education and training, product launches and focus groups, music videos, video for live performance and narrative films.

Why Flying Moose

Moose are charismatic, majestic, heroic, and the star of a favorite cartoon. We strongly suspect that moose do fly, as evidenced by the discovery of numerous, gigantic nests, high in the trees in the Adirondack Wilderness. Flying Moose Pictures was formed in 2000.

Who we are

Flying Moose Pictures was founded by Mark Leialoha and Jonathan Luskin, who bring over 40 years of experience in filmmaking, still photography, visual effects, theater and animation to each project.

Mark Leialoha
Director of Photography / Post Production Supervisor

With a passion for photography and film that spans over two decades, Mark has traveled throughout Europe, the US and Far East as a principal contributing photographer. His innovative and creative editorial and commercial photography is featured in more than 75 magazines in over 25 countries. With extensive production skills, encompassing still and video camera operation, lighting, audio and editing, Mark offers an undeniably unique approach and vision to every project.

Jonathan Luskin
Director / Producer / Writer

Jonathan worked for 17 years as an animator and technical director at Industrial Light and Magic, Colossal Pictures, UC Berkeley, and San Francisco State University, among others. He writes, produces, and directs for both film and theater and has taught animation and visual effects at San Francisco State University and UC Berkeley and commissioned by the Magic Theatre. Jonathan is currently developing several works for theater and film.

Our team

Flying Moose Pictures draws on a wide network of designers, production crew and actors to assemble a team that uniquely serves each client’s production. Our approach is hands-on, creative and professional. We collaborate closely with our clients to meet both their creative and budgetary requirements.

Contact Us

Email: TheMoose@moosepix.com
Phone: 415.864.4099

Flying Moose Pictures
San Francisco, CA

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